Building Safe, Smart, and Healthy Communities

Up-Coming Projects: Prairie Oaks Development, Selkirk MB

Recently Completed Multi-Family

AWC Multi-Family

AWC multi-family offers clients an amazing variety of quality products in all of our multi-family units. Building side by sides, condos, and apartments throughout Manitoba. 

AWC’ newest development is Prairie Oaks located in the city of Selkirk. Phase 1 will include the 50+ apartment buildings and side by sides. The apartments will have underground parking and beautiful courtyard for the residents to enjoy. 

The Value Our Homes Bring

Quality of Products

What others offer as an upgrade is a standard for AWC.

Safe, Smart, & Healthy

We offer our clients amazing packages for their new homes. That includes Smart Home, alarms, and water filtration systems. 

Building a Better Tomorrow, Today!

AWC works to build as environmentally as possible. Our building style includes many energy-saving products. Saving clients a lot of money on energy and water.  

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